How To Add A Supplier

Lesson 9

To add a supplier to FreightCentre, navigate to the Sales menu and click on the Suppliers sub-menu from the drop down menu.

Click on the Create a new Supplier button on the right of screen.

Fill in the supplier details and click on the Save button at bottom of screen.

To assign products to a supplier, find the supplier using the search function if necessary, then click on the supplier row in the list.

In the products section, select a product from the lookup control and click on the Add Product button to add it to the supplier product list. This will bring up the Zone pricing screen. Click on the Add Record link to add a new row, fill in the details and click on the Tick to save the row. Repeat this process until you have all the necessary zone prices for the product.

Click on the x at top-right of the popup form to close it.

Click on the Save button at bottom of screen to close the product and return to the list.